Writing Vows

08/01/2013 14:43

So you can’t decide between writing your own vows and reciting traditional ones? Well, the choice is completely up to you but I can tell you that personal vows are much more memorable. One thing to keep in mind is that the professional who will perform the ceremony may require you to recite traditional ones. If this is the case then you don’t need to write your vows. Check these guys out for more on traditional vows . However, if you do need to write your own vows remember to give yourself enough time to complete a rough draft and several rounds of revision. The best time frame is about a 1-2 months before the big day. Another great tip for writing your vows is to speak from the heart. Think about your spouse and write anything that comes to mind or any feelings that he or she makes you feel. Writing your own vows can be fun as you can see.